Combination Collector Mechanism--Adsorption Effect

In flotation system of two or more than two collector mixture, through collection makes collector produces generate synergies, this kind of tungsten ore flotation collector called combination collector in the industry. 
combination type of collector image
Practice has proved that many function of combination has better and more effective flotation effect than single collector, there are many opinions as for the effect.

Combinations of collector mechanism has the adsorption effect is comparing the identity and the mechanism of the most studied, some scholars think that mineral surface formed in the process of mineralization, the processing is uneven physical and chemical reagents of adsorption of mineralogy basis. Adsorption effect including physical adsorption, double electrode layer, synonym ion exchange adsorption, molecular adsorption and chemical adsorption.

Total absorption effect is a variety of collector to produce interaction between each other, eventually lead to promote and strengthen the flotation process. There are two kinds of common phenomena of total adsorption model: cascade and penetration. Cascade type is collecting on the strong adsorption in the mineral surface, weak collector force to rely on all sorts of function of adsorption on the surface of the mineral that has adsorption agent, to strengthen the hydrophobicity of the mineral surface; Penetration type is a kind of collector adsorption after the mineral surface, another collector with active point can stuck and adsorption on the gap of mineral surface, to increase the medicament density of the mineral.

Some scholars use benzyl arsenic acid and butyl xanthate flotation of wolframite adsorption studies have shown that there are two different types of wolframite surface active points, the first point of high energy, activity, obvious under drug interactions. Putting benzyl arsenic acid and then adding xanthate, mineral surface adsorption dose of medicine largely. When the butyl xanthate and benzyl arsenic acid combination by 1:2, synergy effect is obvious, research think that between the collectors are generated with molecular beam or "composite half micelles".

In addition to the mine will share with light fat acid octyl benzyl swollen acid to improve the recovery of wolframite, expand the best flotation pH range, reduce the dosage of collector, improve the separation efficiency. The common mechanism of two kinds of medicament is, benzyl arsenic acid iron point of wolframite surface with high selectivity, and octyl hydroxyl oxime acid manganese particles with surface effect, at the same time collector on the base of hydrogen atoms to have adsorption on the surface of the wolframite, octyl hydroxyl oxime acid and benzyl arsenic acid molecules CLP negative high nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen bonding key cooperation with, to form a high stability and strong hydrophobic surface hydrophobic membrane.