Tungsten Carbide Saw Web

Tungsten carbide saw web is the most commonly used cutting tool for processing wood products, and is often used for sawing and grooving metal materials. The quality of such a saw web is closely related to the quality of the workpiece to be processed. In other words, choosing a suitable tungsten carbide material to manufacture tungsten carbide saw blades is important for improving the quality of workpieces, shortening processing cycles, and reducing processing costs.

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Selection of Tungsten Carbide Materials for Tungsten Carbide Saw Web

There are two common types of tungsten carbide materials. They are tungsten-cobalt cemented carbide (YG) and tungsten-titanium cemented carbide (YT). Because tungsten-cobalt cemented carbide has better impact resistance, it is more widely used in the wood processing. And the commonly used grades in wood processing is from YG8 to YG15. The number behind YG indicates the percentage of cobalt content. With the increase of cobalt content, the impact resistance and bending strength of tungsten carbide saw web have increased, but the hardness and wear resistance have decreased.