New Energy-saving Building Material: WO3 Electrochromic Glass

As a new energy-saving building material, WO3 electrochromic glass has attracted more and more attention. For example, some experts use a WO3 thin film having nanocrystalline mosaic structure as an electrochromic material, and combine it with NiO to assemble an electrochromic device – an electrochromic glass, with high spectral modulation amplitude.

new energy-saving building material: WO3 electrochromic glass picture

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new energy-saving building material: WO3 electrochromic glass image

Such a smart glass can selectively absorb or reflect external heat radiation and internal heat diffusion under the action of an electric field, reducing the large amount of energy that must be consumed by office buildings and residential houses to keep cool in summer and warm in winter, so that it has become a major development direction of a new type of modern energy-saving building materials. And it is believed that the new energy-saving building material WO3 electrochromic glass is in line with the policy of building a conservation-oriented society and can help alleviate environmental pollution and ecological damage.