Tungsten Disulfide Powder Used in Parts Coating

Tungsten disulfide powder with low friction coefficient and good lubricating performance is considered as one of the ideal materials for parts coating. Small parts can be coated with it directly by means of a vibration bowl.

tungsten disulfide powder picture

Tungsten disulfide powder has low coefficient and good lubricating performance, which is determined by its lamellar structure---bonding force between layers is weak and shear occurs easily, together with slip. In addition, tungsten disulfide powder has good high temperature and extreme pressure resistance because of its stable structure. It is non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly. So it can be used on the surfaces of the parts directly.

vibratory bowl image

With the help of a vibration bowl, tungsten disulfide powder can be applied to the surfaces of the parts directly. It involves the following steps:

Step One: Clean and degrease the parts.

Step Two: Take 5-6 small empty plastic bottles (empty aspirin bottles can be used). And a few of parts are put into the bottle, together with tungsten disulfide powder (spatial proportion is up to 75%). Fill all bottles in the same way.

Step Three: Place the bottle in a vibration bowl with sand or vibrating medium.

Step Four: The bottle is vibrated for 4-5 hours.

Step Five: Clean the bottle and then wipe the parts with a soft paper towel or cloth. Tungsten disulfide powder can be reused.

The above method is simple and time-saving. It is suitable for the coating of bullets and other small parts. During the coating process, speed and friction determine the binding efficiency of tungsten disulfide powder and the parts. The greater the speed and pressure, the greater the bonding. And polishing wheel, grinding stone and other electric tools can be used in it, if need be. They may help to achieve the best combing effect of tungsten disulfide powder and the parts.