The Application of Tungsten Alloy in Hunting Guns

Tungsten alloy has been widely used in hunting guns.High density, great hardness and resistance to high temperature make tungsten to be one of the most sought-after materials for shotgun pellets in shooting history.

What are hunting guns?

Hunting guns are guns designed or used primarily for hunting game animals for food or sport, as distinct from defensive guns or guns used primarily in warfare. Modern hunting guns are generally broken down into classifications based on their characteristics. Due to the vast number of laws regulating hunting guns in different jurisdictions, legal definitions may vary widely from the technical definitions provided here. There are rifles, shotguns, handguns etc. What we mainly talk about in this article is the categorization of rifles.

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Why tungsten alloy is introduced in hunting guns?

In the old time, however, when the tungsten alloy is not widely knowing, people using steel for shooting. Actually, the steel density is about 7.8g/cm3, people find it can only shoot in a very short distance, otherwise, the shooting could only make the animals injured rather than dead. This upset a lot for them, they can’t burst out their power with the poor tools. Then the Lead, which density is about 11g/cm3, take over the steel. The distance expands a lot but is still not that satisfying. What’s more, as we all know, Lead is on the list of poisonous metal, it is very harmful to health and not environment friendly. Then the great tungsten alloy material comes. The density of tungsten alloy is about 18g/cm3, only gold, platinum, and a few other rare metals have a similar density. So, it is denser than any other shot material including lead, steel or bismuth. With the density over than 18g/cm3, the same size shot can be much heavier, hunting-love people enjoy the longer shooting distance and the lethal power.

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The trend of the wide use of tungsten alloy in hunting guns.

With the rapid improvement of tungsten alloy polishing technology, tungsten alloy shots can be made smoother with a shinning surface and meet different requirements of hunting guns. Different types of hunting guns can have a better performance in various hunting games when they are equipped with suitable tungsten alloy for bullets.