Ion Exchange Method Separation of Tungsten and Molybdenum

Tungsten and molybdenum are similar elements, and their properties are very similar. Therefore, separation of tungsten and molybdenum has been an important research direction in tungsten metallurgy.

ion exchange method separation of tungsten and molybdenum image

In order to improve the efficiency of tungsten and molybdenum separation by ion exchange, some scholars have made some improvements on conventional ion exchange methods.

1.The sulfurizing agent was added to ammonium tungstate solution. After thioation, the impurities were removed by ion exchange. The molybdenum solution with Mo content of 0.85g/L was obtained.

2.The 3.5m3 molybdenum solution was pumped into an acidizing reactor and heated to T = 30 C, and at a constant speed and slowly adding dilute hydrochloric acid to the pH value of the solution was stable at 2.5. After placing 1h to precipitate molybdenum, the Mo content was 0.015g/L.

3.The mother liquid of molybdenum precipitate is passed through the D314 large pore alkaline anion exchange resin. After the adsorption is completed, the NaOH of 2.5mol/L is analyzed at the speed of 4m3/h, and the sodium tungstate solution is obtained. The content of WO3 is 175.23g/L, and it returns to the comprehensive utilization of the production main stream.

The method of multipoint random sampling was used to obtain the recovered ammonium tungstate solution. The content of each element was analyzed and tested. The results were as follows: WO3 266.71g/L, free NH3 46.24g/L, Cl-5.6g/L, Mo 0.20g/L.

In the scheme, molybdenum was precipitated by the method of molybdenum regulating and molybdenum precipitation in order to obtain molybdenum mother liquid with low molybdenum concentration, and then the mother solution of molybdenum precipitate was transformed through large pore alkaline anion exchange resin, and sodium tungstate solution was obtained. Finally, we turn back to the comprehensive utilization of the main production process, so that we can separate molybdenum and tungsten from molybdenum solution and recycle tungsten at the same time.