Application of Steel Bonded Tungsten Carbide

Steel bonded tungsten carbide is a new type of die material. It is a highly wearable material made of one or several carbides (such as TiC, WC, etc.) as hardened phase, with the powder of alloy steel (high speed steel, chromium key steel, etc.) as binder, by powder metallurgy process, through batching, mixing, pressing and sintering. The wear resistance of steel bonded tungsten carbide die is several times or even dozen times of the alloy steel. It can be formed by forging, turning, milling, plan饿, grinding, drill and so on. 
Its composition can be reasonably designed according to the die failure mode. The matrix composition is widely adjustable, and its strength and toughness are between alloy steel and tungsten carbide. With the development of less and less cutting technology and the application of high speed and high precision automation equipment, steel bonded tungsten carbide is a unique and highly potential mold material, which can effectively replace other die materials on cold working die and some hot working dies.
steel bonded tungsten carbide die image
Applications of Steel Bonded Tungsten Carbide Are as Follows:
1, Powder Metallurgy Pressing Die and Sizing Die
According to production application and structure analysis, the failure mode of the die is mainly wear and control over size. Powder metallurgy products are mostly made by molding method. Its shape precision, dimension precision, quality and efficiency are guaranteed by mould. The degree of wear and the frequency of changing mould determine the quality of powder metallurgy parts.
With the adoption of automatic press and automatic semi-automatic die, the wearability of GCr15 is far from satisfying the requirement of high accuracy and high efficiency. Tungsten carbide has been widely used as a plastic molding material, but the shape of the die is complicated, and the cavity is deeper. It is difficult to process the material, and the toughness cannot meet the requirements. The steel bonded tungsten carbide has workability, which solves this problem better, and its service life is increased by more than 10 times.
2, Stretching Die of Car Filter
According to the practical application and the analysis structure, failure modes of the mold for wear and galling. The automobile filter has many specifications and large quantity, which needs multi-channel drawing. The accuracy and quality of products require high requirements for moulds. It is a difficult problem to improve the wear resistance of the mould, reduce the production of the product and improve the precision of the product. The usage of Cr12 material  not only has large consumption of the mould, but also lead to the unsatisfactory quality of the product. In addition, the size of the drawing die is large. Because of many difficulties such as molding, forming and machining, cemented carbide dies are hard to machine. But steel bonded cemented carbide can be applied to larger drawing die similar to filter because of its Forgability and machinability. The practice shows that the life span of the GW50 steel bonded carbide filter is 20 times higher than that of the Cr12 or Cr12MoV die, and the production wood decreases obviously, and the quality of the table is greatly improved.
3, Other Moulds and Wear Parts
The shape of motorcycle rim is extruded by rollers and roll rings. The service life of integral roller which is made by steel bonded tungsten carbide will be greatly improved. Rolling wheel of the rolling guide plate and the rolling mill not only bear greater impact force, but also bear the heat shock from 800~900℃ to cold water, thus it should have good wear resistance. When choosing DT40 steel bonded tungsten carbide instead of 45#, 40Cr, GCr15 and high chromium cast steel, the service life will be increased dozens of times to a hundred times. In addition, the steel bonded carbide has been successfully applied to the steel pipe drawing die, the bending die, the integral die and the thread ring gauge.