【Know Tungsten】Manufacturing Process of Gold Bar & Gold Plated Tungsten Bar

gold plated tungsten bar manufacturing process picture

Although gold plated tungsten bar can be regarded as gold substitution, their manufacturer processes are quite different.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Oxide Composite Powder

tungsten oxide composite powder image

The tungsten oxide composite powder is a mixture of different kinds of tungsten oxide powder, in which each particle is composed of two or more different chemical components to achieve a uniform degree of mixing at the particle level.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Trioxide Applications

tungsten trioxide applications picture

Tungsten trioxide’s chemical formula is WO3. Some of the applications of WO3 are shown as bellow.


【Know Tungsten】Sintering Shrinkage of Tungsten Carbide

sintering shrinkage of tungsten carbide image
Sintering Shrinkage of Tungsten Carbide
When sintering, the tungsten carbide press will produce obvious contraction, which is the sintering densification of tungsten carbide.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Copper Hot Pressing Sintered

tungsten copper thot pressing sinterred picture

Tungsten copper hot pressing sintered process of cold pressing method blank - vacuum sintering - canned hot extrusion. Because tungsten copper composite material has excellent electrical and mechanical properties, as electrical contacts, the discharge electrodes and electronic packaging materials are widely used in electrical and electronic fields.


【Know Tungsten】Ammonium Metatungstate Producing Method

ammonium metatungstate producing method image

Ammonium metatungstate producing method (AMT) can be divided into two categories of solid and liquid phase transformation, the specific methods are thermal degradation, liquid - liquid extraction, ion exchange, electrodialysis, neutralization, acid hydrolysis alcohol precipitation method ect..


【Know Tungsten】Difference Between White Tungstic Acid and Yellow Tungstic Acid

difference between white tungstic acid and yellow tungstic acid image

White tungstic acid and yellow tungstic acid difference mainly embodies in their appearance, white tungstic is white powder with white microcrystalline structure, yellow tungstic acid is the most common seen tungstic acid, color is light yellow and is in powder form.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Copper Thermochemical Method

tungsten copper thermochemical method picture

Tungsten copper thermochemical method is also known as powder coating method, which doped with compound or compound solution and dried calcined to obtain the coated powder after reduction.


【Know Tungsten】History of Tungsten Uses

History of Tungsten Uses

Discoveries in tungsten use can be loosely linked to four fields: chemicals, steel and super alloys, filaments, and carbides.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Copper Explosive Powder Compaction

tungsten copper explosive powder compaction method picture

Tungsten copper explosive powder compaction method is the use of explosive shock wave generated by the metal or non-metal sintering compacted powder processing technology. When the shock wave through the metal powder, which the powder received extrusion, collision, friction between the particles, the thermoplastic must cut and micro-jet.