【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Heater Catalogue

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Tungsten Heater is widely used in the mirror industry, kinescope industry, film technology and vacuum coating metal evaporation. Tungsten heater can be designed according to customer's requirements.


Tungsten Alloy Fishing Sinker Advantages

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Do you like fishing? If so, you know how important the fishing sinker is to fishing. Here we talk about a kind of fishing sinker - tungsten alloy fishing sinker, especially its advantages.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Copper Applications

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Tungsten copper applications include military high temperature materials, high voltage switch electrical alloy, electric electrodes and microelectronic materials. Tungsten copper alloy as parts and components widely used in aerospace, aviation, electronics, electricity, metallurgy, machinery, sports equipment and other industries.


【Know Tungsten】Electron Beam Filament Catalogue

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Electron Beam Filament is made of tungsten wire, thorium tungsten wire and non-sag tungsten wire.The main physical property for electron beam tungsten filament is its small size.


[Know Tungsten] Benefits of Playing Darts

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Dart is indeed one of the most enjoyable sports that any person can play. There are plenty of benefits when playing darts. Here talks about three main benefits.


【Know Tungsten】What Is Blue Tungsten Oxide?

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Blue Tungsten Oxide is one of the important raw materials for making tungsten powder. As an important intermediate of tungsten in modern industry, it has been popular for many years. 


【Know Tungsten】Ammonium Metatungstate Applications

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Ammonium Metatungstate (AMT) is commonly used as efficient catalysts in tungsten for the petrochemical and have been widely used in the electronics industry, nuclear industry, metal finishing and chemical reagents.


【Know Tungsten】Types of Isostatic Pressing Video

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Isostatic pressing is to put pressure sample in high pressure vessel, using the properties of incompressible medium and uniform pressure transfer properties of uniform pressure on samples from all directions when the medium pressure vessel through the pressure pump, according to the principle of fluid mechanics, transmitted to each direction of the same size and uniform pressure.At this point, the pressure from all directions in the pressure vessel is uniform.


【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Alloy Jewelry Advantages

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Know Tungsten:Tungsten Alloy Jewelry has many advantages. Only a few enterprises master the technology to produce tungsten alloy jewelry, and Chinatungsten Online is one of them.


【Know Tungsten】What is Tungsten Carbide Rod

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Tungsten carbide rod is an extremely hard alloy made from tungsten carbide and binders that offers high wear resistance as well as good corrosion resistance. Tungsten carbide rods are available in standard lengths of 310mm and 330 mm with h6 polished and/or blank surface.