UAE Rebounding Real Estate Market Fueling Lighitng Market Demands

UAE’s architectural industry is recovering after the disastrous real estate crash in 2008 that left the industry close to the brink of a crash. The reviving real estate market has created many new construction projects leading to a prospering lighting market. Additionally, the UAE population has increased steadily and is spurring rapid urbanization. These factors are driving the Middle East country to value environmental friendly products to control carbon emissions and energy conservation.

In 2012, the UAE LED luminaire market value reached an estimated US $46 million to US$ 54 million, roughly equivalent to revenue generated from selling 1 million to 1.2 million luminaires, according to statistics compiled by LEDinside. In the following year, the LED lighting market share climbed up to about US $60 million to US $68 million. By 2014, the UAE LED lighting market is estimated to increase 23% to reach about US $ 78 million to US $82 million.

International LED manufacturers Philips, GE and Osram have maintained their leading market positions in the country with a combined market share of more than 60% in 2014.

The total value of LED lighting products exported to UAE reached US $70.92 million during first quarter of 2015, and amounted to about 1.9% of China’s total export value. The top three LED lighting products in the local market include ceiling lights, LED panel lights and LED downlights, which market shares are respectively 23.8%, 19.7% and 17.6%.

As a result, the material of saphire used to produce LED film is increasing accordingly.

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