Sapphire beaten face, Apple Watch spent six days out scratches

"Entering June, Apple's watch sales in the United States there have been cliff-style slump, the total sales volume per day is not even ten thousand, in addition to the price of more than ten thousand US dollars of gold version, total sales in the United States for less than 2,000."

From these data, indeed better than the most pessimistic analysts initially predicted even pessimistic.

For just this month for Apple contributed a sales me, now very tangled, and looking at the video section of Apple Watch already know how to do that carries it on the wrist. July 2 to buy Apple Wangfujing This 42mm stainless steel case with black strap button Classic models Apple Watch, just six days away from today, but I found this morning, top and bottom edges of the screen it suffered different degrees of scratches. Do not guess how I fell down or the result of a Colombian calcium foot again!

Inexplicably appeared three scratches, since the shooting angle problem may not be obvious, but in reality it is dazzling.

The piece of glass apples known as sapphire glass, anti-scratch ability only to diamond, Mohs hardness of 9 (the highest level 10), the absolute hardness of 400. Is such a "hard-nosed" screen was very careful in my everyday use, six days there have been three scratch, not a broken screen, broken screen, I recognized, broken pieces of more healthy, I direct exchange pieces of screen like. I seriously doubt Apple Watch this coupler sapphire glass screen for qualified, otherwise its biggest selling point feeling too weak.

I do not know that the media are bad-mouthing, but the subway is also often the case to see some people wearing different styles of Apple Watch and everybody Apple Watch the screen right? Whether there have been cases of this screen I scratch?

I am now somewhat regret not spend hundreds of dollars to buy AppleCare + full-service plan, obviously I was Apple's "sapphire glass screen" too confident, even though the clerk tried to convince me to buy this "additional insured."

If only that the problem Apple Watch the screen, you might think I borrowed edit posts convenient self-serving, seeking only faster but Tucao their own tongue. I would simply talk about it less than a week for Apple Watch the experience and feel it.

Although I had to buy a classic coin money, but when the campaign to wear, I bought a blue extra sporty strap, and found that indeed a wise move, sporty wearing comfort in my experience these day was significantly superior to leather strap, and thanks to blue wristbands wrists fashion, exercise a lot, the crowd refused to answer the phone, view the various settings of message alerts, even if only to see a time came loaded to force, can be successful in attracting the attention of people around, especially in the subway.

However, in addition to the excellent wearing experience, but after the beginning of the pairing is successful, there is a two-day window period features, what does that mean? I pairing is successful, but I set telephone, text messaging, micro-channel, and so today headlines and ZAKER App message reminder can not be achieved, so the first two days I was just used as a watch, so that the benefits I found Its battery life is indeed a great improvement. General wear from morning to 22:00 more off, but also the remaining 50% -60% of the electricity.

Then I try to disconnect the Bluetooth connection again, still can not message alerts; then I restart the phone, still no "beep" by; restart the watch is still no "beep" with ............ Finally, restore Apple Watch, unpairing After re-pair before it succeeds, as to why the two paired bring completely different effect, baffled.

As part of the overall wearing experience said, it does in real life to my work and life of some facilities, such as when the office (especially if the code word) on the side of the phone often miss all kinds of information, especially micro-letters and calls. But then with Apple Watch, these situations are basically non-existent. Undoubtedly, it also increases the power consumption, more frequent operation of the day, if only the remaining 20% ​​of the power, then you can turn on the power saving mode, but in addition to at the time, other feature is disabled out.

Another one for me to express the goodwill of Apple Watch is that it's perceived ability to do the extreme. Every time I see the screen just random nature of lifting the wrist to light up the screen, then down after the screen goes out, just in terms of saving electricity. Instead, released last year, Moto 360, etc., and other assorted Android Wear smart wristwatch will need to be very standard swing arm posture forced to light up the screen, think also quite intoxicating.

Here to talk about Apple Watch proud of digital crown, tap into the APP interface, all of the APP will be in this show, which is intense phobia is your overblown Shenru that interface. If you want to choose to enter an APP, it need only make it to the middle of the screen and turn it clockwise to enter the digital watches (Of course, you also can click APP), including image scaling, etc. can also be realized by rotating it .

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