Boom sapphire material is stretched, the market is expected to arouse again

Analysts pointed out that, as is currently the most widely used new materials, high degree of prosperity sapphire material is stretched, the market is expected to arouse again the concept of speculation for sapphires, industry leading varieties of concern.

It is reported that Sapphire has excellent optical properties, machine performance and physical and chemical properties, high strength, hardness, resistance to erosion and a wide band optical penetration advantages of the future will be expected of the most widely used new materials has gradually been market acceptance. Currently sapphire material main application areas are LED substrate and an optical field, but also become the new darling of the consumer electronics market. Sapphire gradually into the low end from the high-end applications, the phone screen will be larger sapphire material future applications. In fact, Chinese companies have developed with independent intellectual property rights of sapphire crystal growth equipment, thousands of mobile phone users in the future also be used on sapphire, the market size is expected to erupt, according to the agency predicted that the global market size sapphire material from 2013 1.47 billion yuan in 2018 increased to 14.15 billion yuan.

Publicly available data, sapphires used in LED, watches, jewelery, optical electronics and high-tech fields of energy per year growth rate of close to 10%, which is enough to make the materials and equipment in the field of corporate profit growth. Currently, both the long-grain production, or cutting, grinding, polishing, and many other industrial chain business, seem to have a keen opportunity to see the outbreak and have been or are entering the sapphire industry. Another good news is that smart watches, smart phone market for voice sapphire applications become more sophisticated, participate millet, Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, ViVo, and many other companies, the market has injected fresh vitality but with blood, This also allows the sapphire industry chain enterprises excited. Moreover, with the world's major countries and the policy took effect incandescent disabled people to enhance awareness of energy saving, LED lighting market ushered in the outbreak, which will fully promote the recovery in demand for sapphire substrate.

Investment opportunities, some analysts have said that the future development of the sapphire industry is vast, related industrial chain enterprises is expected to be sought after market funds.

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