One Day with Strategic Tungsten Metal

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I think, now many people know strategic tungsten metal. But do you really understand the metals that are closely related to your daily life?


Chinese Armor Spear and Shield of 99A Main Battle Tank

99a main battle tank picture

As China's iron armour, the spear, armor piercing projectile and shield, armor of 99A main battle tank, which is stronger or weaker?


Strong China's Iron Ore Demand Indicates the Market Expansion Such As Tungsten High Speed Steel

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The domestic demand for iron ore is spreading outward, which also indicates the market expansion of downstream products such as tungsten high speed steel. Since this year, China's infrastructure projects have been started one after another, so the domestic demand for iron ore is spreading outward, so the mineral materials have become a new growth point of import, which also indicates the expansion of the market for downstream products such as tungsten high-speed steel. However, this may lead to the world's largest throughput port cargo can not be loaded?


Strategic Rare Earth Around You: What? Haven't You Heard of Rare Earth Lipstick, Rare Earth Glazed Ceramics?

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Rare earth is not only a strategic resource, but also can be around you - Rare earth lipstick! Rare earth glazed ceramics!

Is rare earth a strategic resource? How could it be around us?


Australia and US Formalize Partnership on Rare Earths, Critical Minerals

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On rare earths and critical minerals, Australia and the US have formalized their partnership on developing both nations' critical mineral assets. Geoscience Australia and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) signed a project agreement.


GS Yuasa Lithium Batteries Power American Probes

GS Yuasa lithium-ion batteries delivered to International Space Station for the second time image

GS Yuasa's lithium batteries fitted in the NASA's Radiation Belt Storm Probes in orbit to complete primary and extended mission operations. GS Yuasa Corporation is a Japanese company that makes lead-acid automobile and motorcycle batteries. The company also develops and produces advanced battery technology for various aerospace and defense applications, is actively demonstrating its influence in the field of lithium battery applications.


China's Zhangyuan Tungsten Declined Offer Levels for Late November

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Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

The ferro tungsten and tungsten powder prices continue to maintain stability due to heavy wait-and-see atmosphere at the end of this month. Most insiders worry for the demand and deals are hardly concluded. Therefore, the whole market remains quiet. 


The Tungsten Powder Market Remains Weak in Wake of Unclear Outlook

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Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

The trend of Chinese tungsten prices still lies on the relationship between the supply and demand. On the whole, the recovery in the demand side fails to meet market expectation, downstream enterprises seek lower prices and traders take a watchful stance. With the reduced profits, the tungsten market is likely to bottom out in the short term. 


Tungsten Reserve in Far East Ranks First in Russia

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The tungsten reserve in Far East region rates first place in Russia, the country and its Far Eastern region (RFE) possess large amounts of mineral wealth, comparable to that of China, USA, Australia, Canada, and other major mineral producing countries.


Adding Tungsten, Aluminum, Iron, and Vanadium Layer to Silicon Generates Novel Material

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Through applying a thin layer of tungsten, aluminum, iron, and vanadium to a silicon crystal achieve a breakthrough in the performance of thermoelectric materials at a world record. Thermoelectric materials are capable of changing heat into electrical energy. This new type of material generates electrical current very efficiently from temperature differences, allowing sensors and small processors to supply themselves with energy wirelessly.