Rational Callback in Tungsten Market in China

Analysis of latest tungsten market in China from Chinatungsten Online:Trade shipments start to become active in many regions Wednesday. 

In Jiangxi and Hunan area, trade shipments of tungsten concentrate take initiative and many smelters in mainstream areas are more proactive about selling the APT. The long-term price lowered market and profit inventory shipments result in the active shipping.

Pricing on tungsten products is still influenced by trading market, even though limited shipments will indeed affect the whole market. Worries coming from the market would directly affect enterprises' purchases and deliveries.

Tungsten concentrate market: Enterprises start to delivery their goods, mostly coming from intermediate trade companies' stocks. As tungsten price tends to be more moderate, it is normal to make profit inventory delivery.

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APT market: Trading volume in APT market increases. Purchases in medium- and - large downstream processors continue. Transaction price still hovers around US$ 315 per mtu.

Tungsten powder market: Few tungsten powder enterprises stop purchasing for the moment, to be more cautious. But with the coming of high season, there have signs of increasing orders. A manager in large powder enterprise said their current orders can be produced until October.

Comprehensive analysis: Rational callback in the market is the result of sharp rise in the early market. Fortunately, with the coming of high season, orders from European and American market are expected to increase. We forecast: though inventory decline in intermediate trade enterprises has a certain impact on the tungsten price, enterprises will need to replenish stocks when inventories decline. Tungsten price will face short-term instability, but the downside is very limited.

Price of tungsten products on Sep. 6, 2017

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