Tungsten Products Price Consolidation

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Tungsten products price in China recently showing a consolidation pattern again. The upstream and downstream of the industry chain are at a stalemate again.

With the sharp price hike, the market risk is rising sharply as well. While the downstream demand is insufficient, businesses begin to take cautious operation.

Environmental inspections and high temperatures are still restricting shipments. Plus stockists’ conservative selling way, raw material is still difficult to purchase. Accordingly, the operating rate of downstream smelting mills is low. Unable to make a choice between costs and orders, some manufacturers suspend quotation.  

Groan under high cost, demand contraction in the off-season is more obvious. Industry downstream is not very interest in purchasing, and smelting enterprises currently maintain pre orders mainly. Though supported by the steel works tender, the actual market turnover is limited due to raw materials that are difficult to obtain.
Overall, under the influence of high cost and poor demand, procurement and inquiry become less. Although the market is promising because of environmental protection, businesses takes steady measure in short-term, waiting for further guidance.

Price of tungsten products on Aug. 10, 2017
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