Optimistic Tungsten Price in Chinese Market

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As the enthusiastic speculation of environmental supervision continues, tungsten products price in China finished the initial consolidation trend, returning to the upward channel.

Institutions and large tungsten enterprises have released a new round of guiding prices of which tungsten concentrate and APT prices separately reach RMB 90,000/ton and 140,000/ton. The intention to support market is so obvious that the outlook of tungsten is optimistic.

Ganzhou Tungsten Industry Association yesterday announced predicted average prices in August. 65% tungsten concentrate quotation is RMB 91,000/ton, increasing RMB 9,500/ton compared with that of last month. APT price is RMB 140,000/ton, increasing RMB 15,000/ton compared with that of last month. Tungsten powder of medium particles size quotation is RMB 220/kg, increasing RMB 20/kg compared with that of last month.

Zhangyuan Tungsten industry released a new round of long-term negotiated price, of which 65% tungsten concentrate price is RMB 91,000/ton increasing RMB 6,500/ton compared with the second half of July. 65% scheelite price is RMB 89,500/ton standard, increasing RMB 6,500/ton. Ammonium paratungstate price is RMB 140,000/ton, increasing RMB 10,000/ton compared with the second half of July.

Substantially increased prices prove the upward trend in tungsten price. With less vigilance, businesses actively respond to increase quotation. Among them, Ganzhou Tungsten Industry Association offered an average price of tungsten powder which is significantly higher than market price, greatly encouraging the downstream smelter.

The day before, the third batch of seven Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate groups have entered the Hunan, Anhui and other places, warming the market. Chinatungsten expected that, with the tighter policy, tighter supply and warmer demand, the market is expected to maintain the growth, and industry profits will moderately rebound.

Price of tungsten products on Aug. 4, 2017
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