How is Performance of China 99A Main Battle Tank?

99A main battle tank image

Recently, a German ranking list on the world's main battle tanks has aroused the concern of many experts in the world. Owning to unit weight 55 tons, 120mm main gun and 1600 horsepower, Germany's "leopard 2" won the world's first rank.

leopard 2 main battle tank image

Followed by the US active M1A2 main battle tanks, China's 99A main battle tanks unexpectedly the third. 99A is significantly improved in the protection capacity, artillery control, electronic information, stability on the design changes and performance after the 99-Type in China's new main battle tanks.

M1A2 main battle tank image

In 1999’s parade, 99A-type main battle tanks appeared which gave a shock to the Western media. In 2015’s parade, the emergence of 99A tanks surprised the Western media that China has its own tank design and style, its performance has reached the world’s classical level.

T 72 main battle tank image

How is the performance of 99A main battle tank? The experts pointed out that the 99A-type main battle tanks have the world's most powerful combat capability, the main technical and tactical indicators to meet or exceed the active military forces with the Western M1A2, Leopard -2A6 and other advanced tanks. Its performance even has overwhelmed comprehensively Russian main battle tanks.

ancient 99A main battle tank image

With 125 mm smoothbore gun, 99A main battle tanks can penetrate 850mm thick armor. Its stability has been greatly improved, so it can launch multi-type armor-piercing and shelling. Mirror is settled to muzzle, which can automatically calibrate muzzle error, also can automatically pass the data to the computer for distance correction, and can automatically fill ammunition fire to increase shooting accuracy. Tungsten alloy material plays an important role in enhancing the performance of the core.

99A main battle tank military parade image

99A main battle tank is installed with the maximum output power of 1500 horsepower engine and integrated CH-1000-type hydraulic mechanical automatic transmission device, which can make it more than 50 tons of tanks to 80 km / h off-road speed. Its manual transmission and automatic control system makes itself achieve automatic shift. The driver will be same comfortable as driving in a car.

99A main battle tank image

In terms of protection, the 99A main battle tank has been to the outstanding, the use of composite armor, the front turret to be installed wedge-shaped suit, the effective armor depth in front more than one meter, such thickness for the armor has never appeared on a tank. 1000mm implies any of the world's main battle tanks are unable to form a threat to 99A, so does the US military M1A2.