Ball of Ball Pen Made by China but Not Import

ball of ball pen image

The latest report said that Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group Co. Ltd have begun to supply large quantity to BEIFA Group, the quantity of steel raise from several metric tons to over ten metric tons.

It is expected to replace import materials in the future. Meanwhile, the price of importing pen ball steel have fallen a quarter.

About domestic ball of ball-pen supply, everybody must remember the discussions at the end of last year on whether Chinese manufacturer can make the ball of ball-pen. It really makes us uncomfortable that through the development of so many years, Chinese manufacturers still cannot produce ball of ball-pen. Just now Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group said that they can supply domestic ball of ball-pen in large quantity.

In the steel rolling workshop of Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group, the red-hot stainless steel column are squeezed to thin steel bar, drawn to steel wire, then cutting, in this way we have our own domestic ball of ball-pen.

According to the data, China make thirty eight billion pcs of ball-pen a year, but the steel used and processing machines are imported, the foreigner make most of the profits, a great and proud country can not produce these little ball of ball-pen. Till Sep 2016, Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group achieve a historical breakthrough to make its own ball of ball-pen steel. Among them, tungsten carbide material is widely used to make ball of ball-pen for they are wear-resistant and corrosion- resistant.

ball of ball pen image