The Strongest Ultra Deepwater Drilling Platform Made in China

delivery of the strongest ultra deepwater drilling platform image

With its headquarter, located in Shenzhen, China International Marine Containers (Group) Co., Ltd disclosed to the public on 13 Feb.

The Semi-submersible drilling platform called Blue Whale I built by its subsidiary CIMC Raffles Offshore Engineering Co. Ltd. (Hereinafter called ”CIMC Raffles “) has been named and delivered in Yantai on 13 Feb.

According to the introduction, this platform has broken the world record in the operating water depth and depth of drilling, and equipped with double drilling tower. It is the most advanced semi-submersible drilling platform in the world. In the meanwhile, it is the first “turn-key project” which Chinese dockyard in the field of Ultra deepwater, the Blue Whale and China Petroleum Group Ocean Engineering Co., Ltd. will execute the service contract jointly to develop the marine energy exploration.

“Blue Whale I” is completed by CIMC Raffles including design , manufacturing, commissioning and final delivery in an overall contract, and has passed the attestation of safety operation management system of CPOE, it will put into use after delivery.

This platform adopted the foundation design of FrigstadD90, and is completed by CIMC Raffles from detailed design, construction design, manufacturing and commissioning, equipped with power positioning system, classed to Norway Classification Society. The platform’s length 117M, width 92.7M, height 118M, max operation water deep 3658M, max drilling deep 15240M, this Semi- submersible drilling platform is the deepest in the depth of water in operation and drilling in the world, and suitable for global deep –sea operation. “Blue Whale I” posses 27354 sets of equipments, more than 40000 pcs of pipelines, more than 50000 of MCC inspection point, the drawing length of the cable is 1,200,000M, its drilling system adopt a great deal of new technology such as the double drilling tower, hydraulic hoist, recovery of rock fragments, ultrahigh pressure oil well controlling. “Blue Whale I” also is the 9th deep water semi- submersible drilling platform delivered by CIMC Raffles.

It is said that tungsten heavy alloy is the best material to make oil drilling weighted lever for its characteristics in high density, corrosion-resistant, and high intensity. Compared with traditional single drilling tower, “Blue Whale I” equipped with high-efficiency hydraulic double drilling tower and world leading Siemens closed loop power system, it can increase 30% of operation efficiency and save 10% of fuel consumption.

delivery of the strongest ultra deepwater drilling platform image