What Are Differences of Tungsten Copper Foils, Sheets and Blocks

What do you know about tungsten copper foils, strips, sheets, plates, or blocks? What are their differences?  

Actually, they are the same product with rectangular shape. To distinguish them, people often call them differently. Foils usually mean plates with thickness less than 0.1mm; strips mean thin and narrow plates; sheets mean plates with 0.1-2.0mm thickness; plates mean 2.0-10.0mm thickness and thickness above 10.0mm will be called blocks. 

tungsten copper sheets photo

Tungsten copper alloy is a refractory metal alloy of tungsten and copper which is made from copper powder and tungsten powder. WCu alloy Parts are made from the WCu alloy by pressing the tungsten particles into a desired shape, sintering the compacted part, then infiltrating with molten copper. Therefore, the alloy combines the properties of both metals, resulting in a material that is heat-resistant, ablation-resistant, highly thermally and electrically conductive, and easy to machine.

If you are looking for a material that has high density, high thermal conductivity or low thermal expansions, the WCu Alloy would be the best choice. Its versatility, durability and cost-effective performances make it very popular in many industries. 

tungsten copper blocks photo

Nowadays, tungsten copper products are a staple in the refractory metal industry and are meeting the growing demands of high-tech applications such as major electronics, safety equipment, weighted gaskets, EDM electrodes in spark erosion cutting machines, heat sinks, arc contacts and vacuum contacts, and other electrical and electrical/thermal applications. 

Chinatungsten provides these industries with the best quality sheets, strips, plates and blocks products to meet all specifications of functional performance, precise dimensions, finish and packaging to meet the exact requirements of buyers. We work closely with our customers' design engineering and production personnel to meet all end-use and manufacturing needs. Do feel free to contact us if you have any purchasing plans.