TUNGSTEN CUBE: Not so Difficult, Not so Expensive, Not so Mysterious!

As News Web reported on November 12, 2021 that " Tungsten Cube Craze Hasn’t Helped Heavy Metal Suppliers Cash In"

(https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/tungsten-cube-craze-hasn-t-helped-heavy-metal-suppliers-cash-in-1.1681118 )

The so-called tungsten cube mentioned in is our common tungsten cube or tungsten square, although the report does not specify what kind of non square is made of. Even if a tungsten cube made of metal tungsten, high specific gravity tungsten alloy or cemented carbide, or a tungsten cube made of tungsten copper alloy, tungsten silver alloy or even tungsten gold alloy, regardless of the tungsten content, its cost depends on its size. Because the processing of larger tungsten and its alloy is very difficult, its cost is very high, It is likely to be ten, tens or even hundreds of times the cost of metals such as steel of the same size, but this does not mean that its value must be high unless it has unique and significant needs, or other metals, such as gold, are high in the cube made of its alloy.

tungsten alloy cube photo

Tungsten and its alloys are not processed as conventional metals. They are called refractory metals, that is, their melting point is particularly high, reaching more than 3000 degrees, which is several times that of ordinary metals. Therefore, one of the reasons for the high price of tungsten products is the high processing temperature, followed by tungsten and its alloys, especially hard alloy, which has high hardness and is the hardest material other than diamond, so machining is very difficult. In addition, Because the special powder metallurgy processing technology of tungsten alloy needs complex processes such as powder making, mold, pressing, sintering and machining, its processing cost is much higher than that of general metals, and the market price is also very high.

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According to the data of China Tungsten Intelligent Alliance(CTIA), nearly 80% of the world's tungsten raw materials come from China, and China's tungsten smelting technology is also the world's leading. At the same time, because tungsten products are also widely used, many new technologies are inseparable from tungsten products; As we all know, the most widely used tungsten products are cemented carbide products called industrial teeth. In addition, tungsten and its alloys are widely used in military, aerospace, it communication, nuclear energy construction, medical equipment, dart fishing and other sports fields, rings and other handicraft fields, and their applications are still being studied and discovered.

tungsten alloy cube photo

It is reported that Kevin Anetzberg, general manager of Midwestern Tungsten Services in Illinois, said: "tungsten has an esoteric use. You can't find it on the bookshelf."

According to more than 20 years of design and production experience of CTIA, we are well aware of almost all uses of tungsten products and their production complexity and difficulties. More importantly, due to our many years of experience in serving the international market, the price of tungsten products, including tungsten cube, is not as high as recently described by the outside world, especially tungsten cube, which has little processing difficulty and precision, so the price is even less expensive At the same time, we don't think tungsten and its products have those unfathomable uses. Most of the uses of tungsten may not be seen on the bookshelf, but almost all the uses and properties can be found on the website and Wechat of CTIA. If anyone is interested in tungsten cube, you can contact us for more information and procurement sales@tungsten.com.cn

Information about the basic manufacturing technology and product specifications of tungsten cube can be accessed at http://www.tungsten-alloy.com/tungsten-alloy-cube.htm

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