Tungsten and Rare Earth Mining Quotas of Inner Mongolia in 2020

The People's Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region announced the "Notice of the Natural Resources Department of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Issuing the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region's 2020 Tungsten and Rare Earth Mine Total Mining Control Index" on September 21.

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In accordance with the "Notice of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the Ministry of Natural Resources on Issuing the Total Control Index for Rare Earth Mining and Tungsten Ore Mining in 2020", the "Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the release the Notice on Total Control Indexes in 2020 for Rare Earth Mining, Smelting and Separation", the details as follows:

First, the 2020 total control index for REE mines and tungsten ore mining is issued in two batches. This time, the total control target for the mining of rock and rare metal oxides is 73,550 tons, which is allocated to China Northern Rare Earth (Group) High-Tech Co., Ltd. The company owns 68,550 tons and reserved 5,000 tons. WO3 65% mining total control index is 2000 tons, of which 800 tons are mainly mined, all allocated; 1200 tons are used for comprehensive utilization, 1010 tons are allocated, and 190 tons are reserved. The above indicators all include the first batch of indexes.

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Second, within 30 days after the issuance of the total control index notice for rare earth mines and tungsten ore mining, the Qixian County Natural Resources Department shall sign a letter of responsibility with the mining enterprise and the mining enterprise to clarify the rights, obligations and liabilities for breach of contract, and report to the Union City Natural Resources Recorded by the Bureau and the Natural Resources Department of the Autonomous Region.

Third, effectively strengthen the verification and inspection of the implementation of the indicators of rare earth and tungsten mines in Inner Mongolia, and promptly report any problems encountered during work.

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