Scrap Tungsten Market Sees Few Deals

The mainstream scrap tungsten price maintains steady. The transaction price excluding tax of bit concentrates on ¥187.00-¥191.00/kg, domestic blade is ¥172.00-¥176.00/kg, imported blade is ¥182-186/kg; scrap pure tungsten block is ¥208.00-¥213.00/kg.

The price of the content of scrap tungsten grinding material which is more than 70W is ¥1330.00/mtu, 50W-70W is ¥1270.00/mtu, 30W-40W is ¥1110.00/mtu. The prices above are steady. 10W-20W tungsten unit to ¥635.00/mtu while 8W-10W tungsten to ¥571.00/mtu.

High-level of tungsten concentrate prices has been pared back slightly, but ‘high-price with low-demand’ situation still exists. Under this circumstance, prices of other tungsten products are hard to increase. At the end of year, scrap tungsten resource is short as well as demand, so traders are inactive to deal. Chinatungsten Online predict that scrap tungsten prices will keep steady constantly.

In the international market, the lowest price of oversea tungsten market shows trend to move up. By the night of 12th, the guiding price of MB ferrotungsten in warehouse Rotterdam maintains $42.30-43.50 per kilogram tungsten, which has increased $0.25; the quotation of ammonium paratungstate keeps $304.00-330.00/mtu.