Huangpodi Tungsten Polymetal Mine Increases Reserves of 123,580 Tons

The Department of Natural Resources of Jiangxi Province recently publicized the evaluation report on the profit from the transfer of the mining right of the Huangpodi Tungsten Polymetal Mine (new resource reserves) and the main parameter table of the evaluation report, the evaluation value of the mining right of the Huangpodi Tungsten Polymetal Mine on June 30, 2020, was 1,745,700 yuan.

Huangpodi tungsten polymetal mining area is located in the joint position of the Yushan tectonic belt, to Chongyi - Huichang tectonic belt (east west). Magmatic activity is frequent in this area; fold and fault also have good development. The research of the stratal, tectonic, magmatic, and other data of Huangpodi tungsten polymetal mining area shows that the orebody mainly occurs in the sandstone, fine sandstone of lower Carboniferous Zishan formation and near the contact zone with the granite.

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There are two orebody types: one is skarn scheelite polymetallic orebody; another is quartz vein wolframite orebody. The layered skarn type orebody is the main body of mining at present. The history of Huangpodi tungsten mining began in 1918. The minerals in Huangpodi Tungsten Polymetal Mine are abundant, mainly tungsten, and also bismuth, molybdenum, tin, copper, lead, zinc, silver and so on. Huangpodi Tungsten Mine is a skarn scheelite deposit according to the industrial type of the deposit.

The evaluation area of the mining right of the mine is 0.3977 square kilometers, the mining depth is from 950 meters to 580 meters, and the validity period is two years from December 12, 2018, to December 12, 2020. The production scale is 15 million tons of ores per year, and the theoretical service life of the mine is 0.72 years. The mining recovery rate is 85%, the ore dilution rate is 10%; the beneficiation recovery rate: WO3 concentrate 74%, Mo concentrate 55%, Cu concentrate 57%, Zn concentrate 45%, Bi concentrate 56%.

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As of December 31, 2018, the base date for verification of reserves is the amount of oxide ore and primary ore reserves (122b + 332 + 333). The ore volume is 2.0304 million tons, the metal volume is 5999 tons, and the average grade is 0.295%. 5295 tons of Zn and 1,888 tons of Bi.

Among them in the Huangpodi Tungsten Polymetal Mine, as of December 31, 2018, the amount of newly added resource reserves that need to be paid for disposal is 123,580 tons, the amount of metal is 721 tons, the average grade of WO3 is 0.583%, and the amount of associated mineral metals is Mo 27 tons, Cu 107 tons, and Zn 320 tons, Bi 114 tons, corresponding to the recoverable reserves of 96,880 tons of ore, metal content of WO3 565.22 tons, the average grade of WO3 0.583%.