Dysprosium Oxide Price - July 29, 2020

Rare earth market quotation in China: the prices of dysprosium oxide, terbium oxide and praseodymium neodymium oxide continue to rise despite of low trading activity. But under the negative factors, most sellers have strong rised mentality. 

In the light rare earth market, prices of praseodymium and neodymium products have risen slightly. The active construction of new energy vehicles, 5G, and new infrastructure projects has stimulated the increase in the consumption capacity of downstream magnetic companies. However, due to the traditional off-season, some buyers are still hesitant to enter the market, and transaction orders are still to be restored; in the medium and heavy rare earth market, product price generally shows a relatively stable trend, and limited inventory is the strongest driving force for merchants to firm up their quotations.

Prices of rare earth products on July 29, 2020

dysprosium oxide price image

Picture of lanthanum oxide

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