Tesla to Deploy Biggest Megapack Battery Systems in Hawaii

Tesla is working on a bid to deploy one of the biggest battery systems in the world with 244 Megapacks, the company's latest giant battery system, on a Hawaii to replace traditional power plants. This is also an important part of Tesla's deployment in the energy business. According to foreign media reports on March 30.

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Megapack is a grid energy storage battery with a capacity of up to three megawatt hours designed for battery storage power station use, released in 2019. Each Megapack includes Lithium-ion batteries for energy storage, a circuit breaker panel, DC-to-DC converter units and thermal management, packaged together as a single unit inside a shipping container form factor.

It is understood that the Megapack battery systems are Tesla's customized design and production of giant energy storage equipment for power companies. In each project, the company is responsible for assembly and commissioning. According to the company's calculations, a single Megapack has up to 3MWh of storage capacity and a 1.5MW inverter. And multiple Megapack can be connected in series, and the energy storage capacity will exceed 1GWh.

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Besides, compared to some traditional power generation methods, Megapack is cleaner and more environmentally friendly, and its energy mainly comes from wind and solar energy. Analysts believe that as long as Tesla gets an order from Hawaii Power Company, the project will become a model for Megapack's commercial launch.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk asked utilities to buy the new Megapack battery systems in Hawaii to replace polluting and inefficient peaker plants. Some electric utilities have started taking Musk up on his offer as we started hearing about several new Megapack deployments over the last few months. It’s the company’s latest energy storage product, after the Powerpack and the Powerwall, and it is meant as an even bigger option targeting electric utility projects.

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