Cemented Carbide Tungsten and Cobalt Project Newly Built in Qinghe

Newly built cemented carbide tungsten and cobalt project in Qinghe County could achieve an annual income of 1.5 million yuan per acre. On February 19, the County held a network signing ceremony for key investment projects in spring. The conference focused on signing 8 key projects with a large investment scale, high technology content, and strong industrial pulling force through a video connection. The total investment is 2.119 billion yuan, involving cashmere textiles, new energy vehicles, hard alloys, and other industrial fields.

the cemented carbide tungsten image

The signing project presents two major characteristics: one is "quick", quick for launch and production. For example, Hebei Kuixing New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.'s power battery project will revitalize idle land through cooperation or lease, and obtain land for projects through idle factories, which will achieve "signing, construction production at the same year."

The second is "high", the average tax per acre is high. New cemented tungsten resource recycling and tungsten-cobalt separation project in a local company will introduce world-class technology, equipment, and talents. The cemented carbide tungsten and cobalt project will realize an average annual tax of 1.5 million yuan per acre after being put into production.

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The characteristic industries of Qinghe are distinct. There are four characteristic industries of the county, respectively are cashmere industry, automobile, and parts industry, rare metal industry, and refractory industry. According to the product system, the rare metal industry can be divided into three major fields: recycled hard alloys, ferroalloys, and strategic rare precious metals.

The cemented carbide tungsten and cobalt project’s rich annual tax is a great significance to the country’s newly-developing project. Qinghe is the nation's largest distribution center of waste hard alloys and waste tungsten, molybdenum, nickel, and titanium. The most important production base of recycled hard alloys, production bases of rare and precious ferroalloys, as well as the national demonstration base of comprehensive utilization of tungsten resources. The output of cemented carbide accounts for 20% of the country, and the sales of used alloys account for more than 50% of the country, for which the country is entitled with the name of "Urban Minerals".

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