First Batch of Tungsten and Rare Earth Ore Mining's Total Control Targets Have Been Issued

The total control targets of rare earth and tungsten ore mining will continue to be implemented in 2020, per the relevant regulations on the protection of specific mining types, to protect and rationally develop advantageous mineral resources. In order to serve the production of enterprises, the total control indicators for total mining of rare earth and tungsten mining in 2020 will be issued in two batches. The first batch of indicators will be calculated at 50% of the 2019 annual targets. The annual (second batch) total production control index will be released in a timely manner in the second quarter following relevant national policies and market conditions. According to news from the Ministry of Natural Resources on February 19.

tungsten concentrates image

In 2020, the nation's total control targets of rare earth ore (REO) mining indicators of 66,000 tons, of which ionic rare earth ore indicators 9575 tons, rock ore type (light) ore indicators 56425 tons. The first batch of tungsten concentrates (tungsten trioxide content of 65%) is controlled at 52500 tons, of which the main mining target is 39075 tons and the comprehensive utilization target is 13425 tons.

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The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology require relevant provincial-level natural resources, industry and informatization departments to strictly follow the total control targets and do a good job of index breakdown and release. Within 20 working days after the notice is issued, the indicators should be decomposed and reached to the city, county or enterprise. The total amount of rare earth ore mining control indicators should be distributed to six mining companies affiliated to the designated group.

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