China Tungsten Prices Rose as Wuhan Coronavirus Fears Meet Tightness

Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

China tungsten prices showed upward trend in the first trading week as recent tightness was reinforced by concerns about a potential threat to movement of units from China as a result of the Wuhan coronavirus.

Concerns about the movement of units originating from China grew as the week went on. The Chinese government has already imposed restrictions on the movement of people and goods, and extended the holiday until Monday February 10. 

The Hubei region, where the virus originated, is not a major industrial hub, but Wuhan is still an important steel-producing region. Chinese ports are taking strict prevention and control measures to contain the virus spread, which is likely to slow the loading and discharging rate, sources have said.

Prices of tungsten products on Feb. 12, 2020

tungsten powder price image

Picture of tungsten powder 

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