Chinese Rare Earth Prices - Feb. 11, 2020

Chinese rare earth prices maintain stability on Feb. 11, 2020 due to low trading activity as a result of Wuhan coronavirus. Now, concerns about the movement of units originating from China grew as the week went on. The Chinese government has already imposed restrictions on the movement of people and goods, and extended the holiday until Monday February 10; 

Second, under the background of many uncertain factors, molybdenum mining companies have a low mining rate and there is basically no pressure on inventory accumulation. The prices of mainstream products are expected to improve in the near future; third, due to the slow development of the macroeconomic environment and the end of the Spring Festival holiday, terminal demand is less than expected, buyers are more cautious in stocking, and overall transactions are flat.

Prices of rare earth products on Feb. 11, 2020

Chinese rare earth prices image

Picture of lanthanum oxide

lanthanum oxide image

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