Chinese Tungsten Market Is Quiet with Stabilized Prices

Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

With the approaching of New Year, Chinese tungsten market is quiet with cautious sentiment of traders and stabilized prices. On the one hand, raw material enterprises have strong rised mentality as more and more factories stop production to undergo repair at the end of the year. The low-price resources are hardly purchased now. on the other hand, some factories are not active in stocking up when the market outlook remains unclear. 

China’s Xianglu Tungsten released its new offers for the second half of December: black tungsten concentrate (WO3≥55%) was quoted at $12,753.6/t, up $144.9/t; scheelite concentrate (WO3≥55%) was quoted at $12,608.7/t, up $144.9/t; APT was quoted at $224.4/mtu, up $1.6/mtu. 

Prices of tungsten products on Dec. 31, 2019

tungsten carbide powder price image

Picture of tungsten carbide powder 

tungsten carbide powder image

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