"Tungsten Steel Counterweight" T2 Iron Golf Clubs Newly Launched

The "tungsten steel counterweight" design head of golf clubs recently launched. Japan custom brand METALFACTORY held a "New Product Release Experience" at the Xiamen Oriental Golf Club, allowing industry dealers and golfers to experience the first line of the 2019 summer listing of the new A9-SKY No. 1 wood and T2 irons.

the toe of T2 irons uses tungsten steel counterweight design image

METALFACTORY is a boutique custom golf clubs brand founded in 2012 by ASAHI GOLF with 61 years of golf experience. The company brings metallic luster lines and the characteristics are thoroughly sublimated and applied to its golf clubs. This is the biggest feature that can be seen from many products of METALFACTORY. The evolution of the unique texture of the metal and the current technology show unprecedented beauty. Not only does the club have superior performance, but it also has an amazing visual experience.

The event invited women's professional players Dan Li and Qifeng Xiao. They used to use METALFACTORY's products. They were also amazing in the practice of the A9-SKY and "tungsten steel counterweights" design T2 irons. The factory's workshop dealers gave a good evaluation of this new product as well.

the event invited professional players Dan Li and Qifeng Xiao image

The newly upgraded A9-SKY has made a big difference in the shape of the clubhead. The new shallow back and double weight design make the overall center of gravity lower and deeper, enables it easier to retrieve the hitting plane during the swing, correcting the acceleration slot to assist the face return at the moment of hitting.

T2 irons are the first generation of composite irons developed in the history of METALFACTORY steel products. They are different from the previous hand-forged irons. The golf clubs emphasize the simple and easy to use, using a variety of high-end materials and technology calculations, and irons are calculated just right.

One of the features of the T2 irons is that "the first cast and forged #450 hemp steel face" enhances the counter-effect of the face with a strong angle, making the iron rod easier to control distance and height, the second is the toe of the golf clubs head, the tungsten steel counterweight design makes each iron rod have different weight distribution and configuration, which enables the middle and long irons easier to control.