China Tungsten Powder Markets Stabilize with the Approaching of Mid-Autumn Festival

Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

China tungsten prices show signs of rise in early this month, benefiting from strong rised mentality in the raw material markets. Most manufacturers face pressure of high costs, so they are resistant to inquiries that require for lower product prices. But affected by the weakness in the demand side, the price rise of tungsten products is expected to be limited.

A listed tungsten company in Guangdong province released its offer levels for the first half of September: wolframite concentrate price was $11,212/t, up $833.30/t; scheelite concentrate price was $11,060.60/t, up $833.30/t; ammonium paratungstate (APT) price was $196/mtu, up $11.2/mtu compared with previous time.  

In the tungsten concentrate market, the supply of spot resources is in shortage affected by miners stopping production and environmental checks. Considering high production cost but squeezed profit margins, sellers are reluctant to sell. Now raw material products have prices but no sales. 

With the approaching of Mid-Autumn Festival, APT and tungsten powder markets tend to stabilize as most traders take a watchful stance for the latest news after the return of this holiday.

Prices of tungsten products on Sep. 12, 2019

tungsten powder price image

Picture of tungsten powder 

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