China Tungsten Prices Remained Stable in Early August

Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

China tungsten prices remained stable in the week began on Monday August 5, 2019 as the market participants are waiting for the new tungsten forecast average prices from Ganzhou Tungsten and offer levels from listed tungsten companies. 

Currently, the market seems to bottom up and insiders have strong rised mentality. The sales of low-price resources decrease as businesses tend to stabilize or raise product prices. However, due to the slow recovery of terminal consumption, the price rise is expected to be limited. In addition, the recent unstable macro-trade market and Fanya stocks also worry purchasers and insiders. So the whole market is stable on the whole.

Prices of tungsten products on Aug. 6, 2019

China tungsten prices image

Picture of tungsten powder 

tungsten powder image

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