Tungsten Prices in China Stabilize Despite of Strong Rised Mentality

Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

The tungsten prices in China maintain stability despite of strong rebound willingness in the market. Sellers now are reluctant to sell at low prices while downstream still is not active in replenishment. Under the current circumstances, the market is expected to stabilize in the short term. 

In the tungsten concentrate market, the lower grade of the mine, the higher mining and environmental protection costs, the industry has a positive view on the value of long-term tungsten resources. Currently, the bottom support is strong and holders maintain the attitude of reluctance to sell. However, the sales of smelting enterprises are difficult as downstream users have limited demand. In the short run, the prices will not change largely. 

Considering down stream’s weak demand for products and tight supply of raw materials, ammonium metatungstate(APT) companies face severe price inversion pressure, remaining low operating rate. The market now stabilizes on the whole. 

In the tungsten powder market, the contradiction between supply and demand in the industrial chain is difficult to ease, the trading atmosphere also is low and downstream alloy factories take limited orders. Under the pressure of capital shortage, some companies reduce product prices for more deals. But high production costs also offer support for the market.

Prices of tungsten products on Aug. 1, 2019

tungsten powder price image

Picture of tungsten powder 

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