Past Tungsten Mine - Monte Neme Turns Out to Be Toxic Lake

A Past tungsten mine area – Instagram’s famous Monte Neme lake recently attached highly attention on the website. During the same time that a turquoise but toxic lake near the Russian city of Novosibirsk is making international headlines as the “Siberian Maldives,” this similarly dangerous attraction is gaining notoriety in Spain.

During the first and second World Wars, Monte Neme was a prized tungsten mine that supplied the material necessary for making light bulbs and hardening steel. Today, the mine is no longer accessible, but it remains popular, albeit for a different reason. Galician influencers have discovered that the turquoise lake that now covers the flooded mine is the ideal location for spectacular selfies. Despite knowing that the alluring water contains a high concentration of chemicals that give it its unusual color, they flock to the lacke to take photos, and some even bathe in the toxic water.

Couldn't it be ideal to pose for pictures in front of a picturesque turquoise-hued lake in Spain and delight your Instagram family? Of course, yes, because that is exactly what most of the Instagram millenials did and also bathed in Monte Neme. And then, they ended up falling sick. The reason is something that you probably wouldn't have been able to comprehend ever. The water, that appears to be a beautiful blue lake, is a toxic dump in Galicia.

past tungsten mine-Monte Neme turns into a beautiful and toxic lake image

Citing the telegraph, People reports that the lake is filled with "hazardous chemical waste that poured out from a closed World War II-era tungsten mine." At one point of time, the mine was used to produce an iron manganese tungstate mineral. The color of the water is blue due to chemical contamination.

One of the Instagram influencers told Spanish news outlet Publico that she developed severe allergies on her body and vomited often after bathing in it. Publico also reports that "more than one has had to be hospitalized for damage to the skin and digestive system".

Netizens show pictures to remind others do not jump into Monte Neme to take pictures as the water is toxic. After the report was published, although some good people tried to create satirical pictures to warn the public, as time faded, everyone seems to gradually forget that the water is harmful to the human body, and the recent pictures have changed back. Most of the photos are taken. No wonder one of the stupid cyber celebrities claimed during the interview: "Although it is not good to endure two weeks of skin allergies and rashes, it is worth taking this photo."

The past tungsten mine - Monte Neme turned into toxic dump as well as a hot spot when it was heard. A few days before in Novosibirsk, Russia, there was an artificial lake used to dispose of coal ash. Because the lake was a Maldivian sky blue, it was called "Maldives of Novosibirsk" and quickly became popular on the Internet. The truth of the horror is that pool water contains calcium salts and other metal oxides, which may cause an allergic reaction after skin contact. Someone ventured into the lake to take pictures and later found that the skin was rash and unfortunate. Fortunately, it was no problem after being sent to the hospital. Remind the people not to imitate some of the low IQ nets and put themselves in danger.