China Has Tungsten Alloy Armor-Piercing Projectiles Equipped 99A2 Tank to Confront M1A2

China has tungsten alloy armor-piercing projectiles equipped 99A2 tank to confront M1A2 of Taiwan, at the same time, US arms companies will face sanctions of selling weapons to Taiwan.

On June 13th, Spokesperson Shuang Geng of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China responded that to safeguard national interests, China will impose sanctions on US companies involved in the arms sale to Taiwan. And the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China spokesperson Feng Gao responded that the "unreliable entity list" system is implementing the relevant procedures and will be released soon.

American arms companies also produce a large number of civilian products and have business dealings with China. According to reports, the weapons and manufacturers that have been sold weapons to Taiwan have been sorted out.

Are there any odds for the M1A2 tank with the tungsten alloy armor-piercing projectiles equipped 99 series tanks?

This order of more than 2.2 billion US dollars in arms sale has already refreshed the previous amount of Taiwan procurement. Among them, the one that gets the most attention is the first "debut" M1A2 main battle tank.

Can this American tank with the "the strongest surface" bring changes to the military forces on both sides of the strait?

Zhongping Song said that the so-called "the strongest surface" may not deserved its name. "The new weapons of the global tank family, China's 99A2 tank, Russia's Amata new tank, Japan's 10 type tank, Germany's Leopard-2 tank, etc. have their advantages, can be said to not behind the US. For example, the main battle tanks of China and Russia have taken the active defense system as a standing weapon, but the M1A2 still relies on armor to resist.

the Chinese type 99A2 main battle tank image

Zhongping Song analyzed that in the face of combat capability and strong anti-tank capabilities for the People's Liberation Army of China (PLA), the M1A2 tank has no chance to survive. The "red arrow" anti-tank missiles carried by various PLA aircrafts and armed helicopters, as well as the tungsten alloy armor-piercing projectiles loaded in the 99 series tanks, can penetrate the M1A2 tank in all directions. If the Taiwan military intends to use the M1A2 tank for positional battles, beach battles, and even tanks fight, history has repeatedly proved that this World War II tactic is completely impracticable in modern warfare and they can only be beaten passively.

Against the M1A2, we have 99A2 tank with tungsten alloy armor-piercing projectiles. Zhongping Song emphasized that any advanced equipment can't save "Taiwan independence." It is futile even if the US military comes. The reunification of Taiwan and mainland is a historical trend and it is unstoppable. China needs to brighten the bottom line and resolutely fight back.