Chinese Rare Earth Prices - Jul. 9, 2019

Chinese rare earth prices keep stable in the midweek, but the supply and demand are still in a stalemate and trading atmosphere is not certain. Rare earth import and export reserves have declined, and the overall trading mentality of the market is cautious.

The latest statistics from the customs showed that the export volume of rare earths in Baotou in May was 1,007 tons, which was 21% lower than the export volume of 1,275 tons in April. In the same period, the national rare earth export volume was 3639.5 tons, which was nearly 16% lower than the 4328.9 tons exported in April.

Prices of rare earth products on Jul. 9, 2019

Chinese rare earth prices image

Picture of neodymium oxide 

neodymium oxide image

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