Ferro Tungsten and Tungsten Powder Prices in China Were Weak in Early June

Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

The ferro tungsten and tungsten powder prices in China remained weak adjustment after the holiday of Dragon Boat Festival owing to low buying appetite of downstream enterprises. As prices in the primary market are gradually approaching the level of costs, smelting factories purpose to cut output to ease deadlocked relationship between supply and demand. But that seemed little impact on the market. 

There are two main reasons on the imbalanced relationship in the market. On the one hand, the external trade environment is turbulent, downstream consumption expectations are uncertain and large tungsten companies declined new offer levels at the beginning of the month; on the other hand, ten main mining companies and seventeen APT enterprises work together to reduce production fort price stability, boosted market confidence to some extent. 

Under the pressure of wait-and-see attitude, traders are still cautious and transactions are difficult to increase. In addition, there are differences in capital pressure between enterprises, and the external quotation is relatively chaotic. At present, the overall tungsten market is still in a weak state.

Prices of tungsten products on Jun. 12, 2019

tungsten powder price image

Picture of tungsten powder 

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