China Tungsten Prices Are Weak on Declined Offers from Large Companies

Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

China tungsten prices continue to be weak when new round of guide prices from large tungsten companies and institutions will soon be released. The transaction pricing in the tungsten market is hard to be settled as external trade negotiations remain unclear and the industry chain has different expects for the demand side. 

Currently, most manufacturers in the upstream market choose to slow down production to ease imbalanced relationship between supply and demand. Raw material output reduces while downstream buyers also have not high willingness in purchasing. Therefore, trading volumes are in a relatively low level. Affected by pressure of cost, funds, exports, and declined offer levels of Xiamen Tungsten, mainstream tungsten product prices would continue to be weak in the short term.

Prices of tungsten products on Jun. 6, 2019

China tungsten prices image

Picture of tungsten oxide 

tungsten oxide image

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