Lower Guide Prices Dragged Down Chinese Tungsten Prices

Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

Xiamen Tungsten, a Chinese tungsten enterprise, released its first guide prices in July. APT was quoted at $304.2/mtu, a $3.5/mtu lower compared with last time.

The guide prices released by large tungsten enterprises were lowered, further pressing down Chinese tungsten prices. Usual quiet trading activity, weak seasonality and increased supply make businesses more reluctant to sale. As production release needs time, manufacturers now keep offer levels.

Tungsten raw materials provided by mine enterprises are limited on Chinese environmental checks, plus downstream smelting factories resume production gradually, insiders expect high consumption for tungsten concentrate and other materials. Sellers are seeking for stable shipments under macroeconomic volatility and weak demand.

Fanya Metal Exchange and others four companies were suspected of illegally absorbing public deposits. Tens of thousands of tons of tungsten products (especially APT) were locked and will hit the market from time to time until it is solved. Under the background, insiders are not optimistic about APT market outlook.

Prices of tungsten products on Jul. 05, 2018

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Picture of tungsten powder

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