Chinese Tungsten Market Moved Lower as Buying Remained Slow in June

Analysis of latest Chinese tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online: Tungsten prices maintained stability and market was caught in heavy wait-and-see atmosphere in June. Earlier in last month, a large number of smelting factories in major tungsten production areas shut down for environmental checks and sellers have strong rised mentality on the reducing production.

However, as buyers appeared unwilling to accept high-price tungsten raw materials, lower deals were done at high offers. Affected by that, tungsten ore miners were reluctant to move materials. Tungsten prices were difficult to be gone up higher.

At present, usually quiet buying activity in the spot market presses down transaction prices. And considering the continuous tight supply, tungsten product prices will not change sharply at the beginning of July. The movements of environmental protection, guide prices from institutions and large tungsten enterprises need to be concerned for insiders.

Prices of tungsten products on Jul. 02, 2018

China tungsten price picture

Picture of ammonium paratungstate

ammonium paratungstate picture

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