Tungsten Powder Manufacturers Reduce Trading Under Supply and Demand Pressure

Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online: Domestic tungsten price has shown a weak trend recently in whole. On the one hand, the continuous weak demand cools purchasers’ enthusiasm in enquiry; on the other hand, downstream factories force prices down due to increasing supply of raw materials. In the short term, high-price transactions are hard to be concluded.

In the tungsten concentrate market, though miners are not willing to sell when product prices below $17,742/t, some traders raise willingness to reduce stocks. In addition, the increase in production capacity of mines makes bullish expectation weaker. At present, tungsten concentrate price is in a downward trend and will continue in the short term.

Under the pressure of supply and demand, traders in the APT market show no interest in trading, coupled with lower quotation of large enterprises, transaction prices now fall below $309.8/mtu and enquiry mainly concentrates on $306.2/mtu. 

Without the support of production cost and terminal demand following up slowly, tungsten powder manufacturers face great pressure of selling, replying on previous orders. Downstream alloy and product enterprises are caught in heavy wait-and-see atmosphere, purchasing on what they needs. In the short term, tungsten power price will maintain weak adjustment.

Prices of tungsten products on Apr. 11, 2018

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