China’s Tungsten Price Shows Signs of Weakness on Weak Demand

Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online: Domestic tungsten price is stable on the whole with fewer high-price transactions and weak demand in terminal market. Manufacturers in the raw material market become active in selling, but buyers tend to force price down. Therefore, market trading is in a bad atmosphere.

Production capacity in tungsten mines is limited, goods in the spot market increase slightly, plus terminal product prices follow up slowly, downstream smelters have heavy wait-and-see atmosphere. Though sellers have strong rised mentality, trading is in a stalemate. Therefore, tungsten concentrate price will stabilize this week.

Due to the shortage of raw materials, trading atmosphere in APT market is quiet. Downstream purchasers considered that market price will be lower, so they are now remains low enthusiasm in enquiry. Given that, APT price faces risks of decline.

Smelting factories in the tungsten powder market quote steadily without intention of reducing profits for more shipments. Factories mainly reply on long-term orders. Favorable factors in the raw material market show signs of disappearing, and tungsten price is turning to be weak.

Prices of tungsten products on Mar. 15, 2018

China tungsten price picture

Picture of tungsten carbide powder

tungsten carbide powder picture

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