Molybdenum Concentrate Price - Mar. 13, 2018

As molybdenum concentrate and ferro molybdenum prices continue to increase, traders’ buying begins to decrease and market participants are caught in heavy wait-and-see atmosphere.

In the view of molybdenum concentrate, the tight supply will continue and quotation is expected to be raised by RMB 20/t. the main factor supporting ferro molybdenum price is steel biddings. This round of steel biddings will soon be finished, but the result is positive, which will affect some steel factories’ demand. Most ferro molybdenum factories now have enough orders, plus high-price raw materials, it is expected that manufacturers ’quotation for ferro molybdenum will remain high.

Prices of molybdenum products on Mar. 13, 2018

molybdenum concentrate price picture

Picture of molybdenum concentrate 

molybdenum concentrate picture

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