Chinese Tungsten Market Is Expected to Keep Firm before Chinese Spring Festival

Analysis of latest tungsten market in China from Chinatungsten Online: Inquiry in the whole Chinese tungsten market is less and purchasers have not high enthusiasm in replenishment. Although some downstream enterprises have enquiries, the actual transactions are fewer to be concluded. The approaching of Chinese Spring Festival and snowy weather greatly affects the transport business, so the trading in the market is relatively thin. Large tungsten enterprises also are not willing to supply goods.

65% wolframite concentrate was quoted at $17,054-17,364/t; 65% scheelite concentrate was quoted at $16,744-16,899/t; APT was quoted at $301.3-304.8/mtu. Ferrotungsten and sodium tungstate market remains stable with basically stagnated trading, and thus the price is difficult to be changed. The transactions need to be improved after the price rise of tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder. Related manufacturers said that they will not sell their products at low price.

There still seven days left before the New Year. Downstream enterprises’ plans for stocking up are almost finished. Coupled with the influence of transportations, tungsten market in China is expected to keep firm.

Prices of tungsten products on Feb. 09, 2018  

APT price picture

Picture of APT

APT picture

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