Mainstream Tungsten Price Stabilizes with Quiet Market Trading

Analysis of latest tungsten market in China from Chinatungsten Online: Mainstream tungsten price stabilizes at present with quiet market trading. Although sellers are willing to maintain high product prices, downstream demand is low. The quiet trading in the downstream market weakens the activeness of enterprises.

In the spot market, trading volumes of tungsten concentrate exceeded 150 tonnes, 60% wolframite concentrate was quoted at $16,899 per tonne, $0.24 per kilogram after tax. Trading volumes of APT also exceeded 70 tonnes, with a cash value of $290.8 per mtu.

Tungsten concentrate quotation is firm supported by tight supply in the mines. At present, the price of 65% wolframite concentrate reaches the high level of $17,054 per tonne, but trading volume in the level is less. Considering the limited sales, the price of raw material may have not enough momentum to rise.

tungsten powder picture

With the rise of tungsten ore price, enterprises face more risks. Also, APT manufacturers quote cautiously as downstream customers remain low willingness in purchasing and APT market faces advanced funding pressures. Affected by high costs of environmental protection and weak demand, some smelting plants have not started their production yet.

Tungsten powder price rises slowly driven by high production costs. Some powder manufacturers express that the purchasing enthusiasm of downstream enterprises is not aroused despite the quotation is rising. The current trading in tungsten powder market is in a stalemate and businessmen mainly wait and see.

Taken together, tungsten price has gradually stabilized, the market begins to be caught in wait-and-see atmosphere and shortage of raw material will continue to support the price. But the influence of spot trade on market cannot be ignored. Chinatungsten Online forecasts that tungsten price will stabilize on the whole amid trading at lower price in some areas. But tungsten enterprises still need to be cautious.

Price of tungsten products on Nov. 23, 2017

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