Molybdenum Oxide Price - Nov. 01, 2017

Molybdenum market quotation: The latest price of molybdenum concentrate, ammonium tetramolybdate and molybdenum oxide is unchanged from the previous trading day. At present, domestic molybdenum market continues to maintain stability, supply and demand is in a stalemate, mentality in buyers and sellers is different and trading volume is less. 

Mines offer support to the supply side while the demand in the terminal market continues to be weak. For raw material, it is hard to purchase both at high or low price. Besides, the recent steel market is unstable, and steel biddings remain uncertain, thus short-term molybdenum price will remain stable.

Price of molybdenum products on Nov. 01, 2017

molybdenum products price picture

Picture of sodium molybdate

sodium molybdate picture


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