Scrap Tungsten Prices are Rare to Fluctuate at the End of Year

The mainstream scrap tungsten prices maintain steady. The transaction price excluding tax of bit concentrates on ¥187.00-¥191.00/kg, domestic blade is ¥172.00-¥176.00/kg, imported blade is ¥182-186/kg; scrap pure tungsten block is ¥208.00-¥213.00/kg.

The price of the content of scrap tungsten grinding material which is more than 70W is ¥1330.00/mtu, 50W-70W is ¥1270.00/mtu, 30W-40W is ¥1110.00/mtu. The prices above are steady. 10W-20W tungsten unit to ¥635.00/mtu while 8W-10W tungsten to ¥571.00/mtu.

High-level of tungsten concentrate prices have been pared back slightly, but ‘high-price with low-demand’ situation still exists. Under this circumstance, prices of other tungsten products are hard to increase. At the end of year, scrap tungsten resource is short as well as demand, so traders are inactive to deal. Chinatungsten Online predict that scrap tungsten prices will keep steady constantly.

In the international market, the lowest price of oversea tungsten market shows trend to move up. By the night of 12th, the guiding price of MB ferrotungsten in warehouse Rotterdam maintains $42.30-43.50 per kilogram tungsten, which has increased $0.25; the quotation of ammonium paratungstate keeps $304.00-330.00/mtu.

Tungsten Concentrate Prices Cool Down Slightly


Currently, tungsten concentrate prices show their downward trend that some providers cannot bear high pressure then increase their own tungsten concentrate prices. At present, the fluctuation of one 65W tungsten concentrate metric ton unite focus on ¥1.53-1.58 while the delivery price of it centralize on ¥1.54-1.56.

According to analysis of Chinatungsten Online, the situation of high-price and low-demand in tungsten concentrate market continues. Basically, tungsten concentrate prices have reached to their highest spot before New Year. The end user’s demand is hard to improve so there is low possibility for tungsten concentrate suppliers to raise their prices. Due to worry about market goes to lower level, tungsten concentrate suppliers are willing to jettison their goods. Chinatungsten Online expects that tungsten concentrate price enquiry is going to increase gradually, nevertheless, transaction volume is still sluggish although the prices decline.

Tungsten Concentrate Prices Fall in Chaos at Present


The general situation of tungsten concentrate prices can be concluded as chaos in China Mainland. High-priced tungsten concentrate suppliers try to reduce their price tentatively. However, the phenomenon of high-price but low-demand is hard to be better shortly.

As to ferrotungsten, transaction volume is short of support. Some traders’ lowest price of 80% ferrotungsten even could reach ¥185,000.00/mt. In scrap tungsten steel market, both demand and supply are weak. Therefore, more traders choose to wait-and-see. Chinatungsten Online forecasts that the mainstream of scrap tungsten steel price continues to keep steady.

Tungsten Concentrate Market Sees Few Deals


The tungsten concentrate offers increased slightly further these days, but owing to the weak demand, the trading volume did not see obvious improvements. The customers are cautious in purchasing materials now.

Currently, the tungsten prices for wolframite 65% are around RMB118,000-120,000/t (USD288-293/mtu), and the prices for scheelite 65% are around RMB118,000-119,000/t (USD288-291/mtu). Moreover, the tungsten concentrate market sees some higher offers.

A producers based in Guangxi, whose output is around 30 tons per month, noted that they make offers for wolframite 65%min at RMB118,000-120,000/t (USD288-293/mtu) this week, but only few deals are concluded in the spot market.

The source noted that the tungsten concentrate price keeps stable because of soft supply. With approaching of the end of the year, many downstream factories plan to halt production and the demand for tungsten concentrate will keep decreasing. It is expected that the tungsten concentrate market will keep inactive in a short time.

An end-user based in Jiangxi stated that they receive offers for wolframite 60%min at around RMB118,000-120,000/t (USD288-294/mtu). He added that some offers are even higher in the spot market, but only a few deals are concluded in small quantities. As they still have some stocks in hand, they are unwilling to add tungsten concentrate in a short time.

The source said that they mainly produce the tungsten powder, and their offers for medium-sized tungsten carbide powder are at RMB280/kg (USD44.5/kg) now. However, under the current high tungsten concentrate offers, they have to increase offers, but the customers are inactive in purchasing materials. The source expressed that the basic demand is so weak, and he has no confidence towards future market. 

Consumers Inactive in Purchasing Tungsten Carbide Powder


The tungsten concentrate and ammonium paratungstate(APT) prices moved up in the past several days, and the tungsten carbide powder suppliers intended to raise offers. However, as few consumers are active in purchasing materials, tungsten carbide powder market keeps quiet this week. Towards future market, most market participants hold wait-and-see attitudes. The tungsten carbide powder prices are stable tentatively this week.

An end-user for tungsten carbide powder in Shandong noted that they receive offers for medium-sized tungsten carbide powder at RMB280/kg (USD44.5/kg) now. He said that as they have some stocks in hand, they do not eager to buy the materials in a hurry.

The source told Asian Metal that owing to the increasing prices for tungsten concentrate and APT prices, the tungsten carbide powder suppliers plan to raise offers. But the customers are unwilling to accept such high level, and purchasers are reluctant to hold big volume stocks and make procurement from hand to mouth. Looking ahead, he thinks that the tungsten carbide powder market will continue to be quiet in a short time.

An end-user based in Jiangxi noted that the cemented carbide market runs slowly, and the demand for tungsten carbide powder decreases accordingly. They only purchase the materials from hand to mouth. He revealed that they receive offers for medium-sized tungsten carbide powder at around RMB275-280/kg (USD43.7-44.5/kg), and it has been stable for a week.

The source stated that Ganzhou Tungsten Industry Association announced the guiding price of medium-sized tungsten powder at RMB295/kg (USD46.9/kg) on last Wednesday, which increased by RMB25/kg (USD4.0/kg) compared to November. The source expressed that some major companies keep storing tungsten concentrate and intend to push up prices, but owing to the weak demand, it is unlikely for the tungsten carbide powder prices to move up sharply in a short time. 

‘Fake’ Gold Detected: The Tungsten Gold Bar

It isn’t everyday that the word tungsten is used synonymously with gold. This week, a 1,000-gram ‘fake’ gold bar was found in the United Kingdom.Upon realizing discrepancies in the weight of the bar of gold, further tests revealedTungsten Gold Bar that the bar had been drilled out and filled with tungsten. In effect the bar was valued at much lower than what was initially thought, and had the trick gone unnoticed, the counterfeiter would have pocketed a substantial amount of profit. 


Announcement of “Tungsten as a Gold Substitute”from Chinatungsten Online

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Tungsten Concentrate Price Seems to Decrease at the End of Year

Tungsten concentrate price still moves up from high level today. Currently, 65% tungsten concentrate price could reach ¥121,000.00/mt. However, some tungsten concentrate suppliers are not confidence with later tungsten concentrate market while traders try to suppress the price. Tungsten concentrate price in spot market focus on ¥115,000.00/mt. Generally speaking, price range of tungsten concentrate is relatively big but transaction volume is still weak.


Tungsten Products Prices are Expected to Rise Steadily


Core tips: tungsten products prices move up constantly, downstream traders are confused how to make next move. The situation of ‘high price but low demand’ intensifies drastically in tungsten product market.

Tungsten miners in China hold confused attitude that only tungsten products prices go up, transaction volume cannot be pushed up relatively. Generally, it is hard to make a deal in tungsten ore market. As to relate tungsten products, demand of ammonium paratungstate (APT) is still very low. It is hard for suppliers to receive order from end user that many factory owners choose to stop producing. Ferrotungsten, which is affected by high purchasing cost, increase its price relatively. The transaction price of ferrotungsten reaches ¥181,000.00/t. Chinatungsten Online expected that general situation of tungsten products market is steady, some of them has slightly change, which is led by guiding tungsten product price. 

Scrap Tungsten Suppliers Continues to Wait and See


The mainstream scrap tungsten price maintains steady. The transaction price excluding tax of bit concentrates on ¥187.00-¥191.00/kg, domestic blade is ¥172.00-¥176.00/kg, imported blade is ¥182-186/kg; scrap pure tungsten block is ¥208.00-¥213.00/kg.

The price of the content of scrap tungsten grinding material which is more than 70W is ¥1330.00/mtu, 50W-70W is ¥1270.00/mtu, 30W-40W is ¥1110.00/mtu. The scrap tungsten prices above are steady. 10W-20W tungsten unit to ¥635.00/mtu while 8W-10W tungsten to ¥571.00/mtu.

Tungsten ore price goes up constantly under the strong willing to increase of providers. However, most tungsten ore providers cannot find properly consumers which means higher risk of tungsten ore price decreasing. Under the situation of weak demand and supply, it is difficult for scrap tungsten suppliers to break out current steadiness. Chinatungsten Online expects that scrap tungsten price will keep stable in short term.

In the international market, mainly oversea tungsten market price keeps stable as usual. By the night of 7th, the guiding price of MB ferrotungsten in warehouse Rotterdam maintains $42.75-43.50 per kilogram tungsten; the quotation of ammonium paratungstate keeps $304.00-330.00 metric tones unit.