Yellow Tungsten Oxide Price on APR.19, 2019

tungsten trioxide photo

Yellow tungsten oxide price with purity over 99.90% from Chinatungsten Online is 42.00USD/KG, by Chinatungsten FOB Xiamen, APR.19, 2019.

tungsten trioxide photo


Ammonium Metatungstate Price on APR.19, 2019

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Ammonium metatungstate price with purity over 91.40% from Chinatungsten Online is 41.00USD/KG, by Chinatungsten FOB Xiamen, APR.19, 2019.

AMT photo


Tungsten Powder Price on APR.19, 2019

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Tungsten powder price with purity over 99.90% from Chinatungsten Online is 41.00 USD/KG, by Chinatungsten FOB Xiamen, APR.19, 2019.

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Tungsten Alloy Fishing Sinker Price –Apr. 16, 2019

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95%W 10.6G tungsten alloy fishing sinker price is 0.87 USD/PC on Apr. 16, 2019. The fishing sinker is used to increase the diving power of the bait, the anchoring force, and the throwing distance. It can be as small as 1/32oz for shallow water, or as large as a dozen ounces for deep sea fishing. They can have a variety of shapes, and environmental issues are a major concern with the use of fishing sinkers. As lead material is toxic, tungsten alloys have been increasingly used as fishing floats because of its high density, small size and environmental protection in recent years. 


Tungsten Alloy Bucking Bar Price on Apr. 16, 2019

tungsten alloy bucking bar picture

95WNIFE tungsten alloy bucking bar price which density is 18.0g/cm3 is 165.00USD/PC on Apr. 16, 2019. Bucking bars are created with tungsten heavy alloys that have two-phase composites consisting of W-Ni- Fe or W-Ni- Cu or even W-Ni-Cu-Fe, some tungsten alloy also contain Co、Mo、Cr, etc. They have very high melting point and have a density twice that of steel and are more than 50% heavier than lead. Tungsten content in conventional heavy alloys varies from 90% to 97% .This high tungsten phase content is the reason for their high density.


90% Tungsten Dart Billet Price on Apr. 16, 2019

tungsten dart billet picture

Ø7.15x54.6mm 90% tungsten dart billet price is 4.80USD/PC on Apr. 16, 2019. In a dart, barrel is the main part, which is made in different shapes, from cylinder. The best material to manufacture these barrels is tungsten, as it is very dense, and can made slim dart with a considerable weight. As 100% tungsten is difficult to machine, popularly 70~90% tungsten is used for making dart billets. Their weights are varied from different tungsten contents and rod sizes.


Gold Plated Tungsten Block Price – Apr. 16, 2019

gold plated tungsten block picture

1KG gold plated tungsten block price is 460.00USD/PC on Apr. 16, 2019. Reciprocity is a high virtue, so for many relatives, friends, or some other congratulators, the new couple usually needs to return gifts. The choice of gift not only embodies the high attention of the bride and groom for the wedding, but also reflects their most sincere thanks to all the congratulators. As can be seen, it is an excellent choice of using gold plated tungsten blocks as rebate wedding gifts. We can engrave some meaningful words or texts in gold-plated tungsten blocks’ surfaces, such as the wedding date and the bride and groom's names etc.


Gold Plated Tungsten Polished Ring Price on Apr. 16, 2019

gold plated tungsten polished ring picture

Gold plated tungsten polished ring price is 19.00USD/PC on Apr. 16, 2019. Created in breathtaking gold plated tungsten, this ring is ideal for those who want a classy yet bold look. The beveled edges and interior are polished to perfection. The black center is embraced with a brushed finish, adding subtle texture. This ring is also made with a flat profile and a rounded inner shank for ultimate comfort and an easy slide. Gold plated jewelry is an excellent choice for people who want the rich look of gold at a more affordable price.


Military Tungsten Heavy Alloy Cube Price on Apr. 16, 2019

military tungsten heavy alloy cube picture

2.45x2.45x2.45mm military tungsten heavy alloy cube price is 68.00USD/KG on Apr. 16, 2019. As with all of our materials, our tungsten alloy cube begins as metal powder, is pressed into ingots, sintered, and then rolled. The process enables us to tailor the product to meet specific customer material and/or performance requirements to ensure optimal performance in your application. Specialty tungsten materials are usually used as balance weights, flight hardware, and munition subcomponents.


Tungsten Heavy Alloy Rod Price – Apr. 16, 2019

tungsten heavy alloy rod picture

φ100x100mm tungsten heavy alloy rod price is 985.00USD/PC on Apr. 16, 2019. The composition of the bar is 97WNIFE with density of about 18.5g/cm3. Sintered WHA blanks can be further rolled or swaged to produce rods with ultimate tensile strengths exceeding 1240 MPa and elongations exceeding 5%. We also precision machines WHA parts for use as ballast weights, radiation shields, boring bars, ordnance components, and other components that require high density and good ductility.




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